Mandar Chandorkar

Mandar is a PhD student in the Multiscale Dynamics group. His research domain is applied Mathematics in the areas of Machine Learning, Large Scale Inference, Physical Systems and Computer Science. He is currently pursuing his PhD in the topic "Machine Learning for Space Weather predictions".

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Carl Shneider

Carl is a postdoctoral researcher in the Multiscale Dynamics group. His research is on the topic of Space Weather Forecasting using Machine Learning. In particular, he makes use of heterogeneous data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecrafts and looks forward to using data from the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter missions. He is also interested in Exoplanet Space Weather and its impact on Habitability. He has experience in the fields of Astrophysics, Bioinformatics, and Theoretical Physics.

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Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh is a post-doctoral researcher at the Multiscale Dynamics group at CWI Amsterdam. His research interests are in Uncertainty Quantification, Bayesian Parameter Estimation and Machine Learning applied to Space Weather and Computational Fluid Dynamics problems. He also has experience in numerical modelling with reduced order models for wind turbines.

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Andong Hu

Andong is a post-doctoral researcher at the Multiscale Dynamics group at CWI Amsterdam, funded by the AIDA project. His research interests are in Remote Sensing, Geodesy and Surveying, and ionospheric modelling using GNSS.


Former students and postdocs

Amin Taziny

Summer 2019: Undergraduate SOARS student on Modeling electron auroral precicpiation with machine learning.
Currently: PhD student at CU/Boulder

Bala Poduval

Sep 2018 – Feb 2019: postdoc on H2020 AIDA project.
Currently: Postdoc at UNH

George Wilkie

Jan 2019 – Jun 201: postdoc on Real-time forecasting of radiation belt electrons
Currently: Research Physicist at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL)

Casper Rutjes

PhD project on numerical solution of the Poisson equation on adaptive mesh
Currently: Competence Lead AI at Solid Professionals

Ashuthosh Agnihotri

PhD project on sampling techniques for uncertainty quantification
Currently: Research Geophysicist at Shell

Marina Gruet

PhD internship at CWI on Machine Learning to forecast geomagnetic indices
Currently: Data Scientist at Airbus (Toulouse, France)

Algo Carè

ERCIM fellow, 2017: postdoc on Uncertainty Quantification project
Currently: Research Fellow at University of Brescia, Italy

Emanuele Cazzola

Long-term postdoc visit on neutral Vlasov model project.
Currently: Postdoc at Texas A&M University

Marleen Rijksen

Supervision of BSc thesis Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Solar Wind Classification , University of Amsterdam
Currently: Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Amsterdam

Martijn Dortmond

Supervision of BSc thesis Deep Learning classification of solar images using MXNet, University of Amsterdam

Simon Wing

Supervisor of the PhD thesis Pathways for solar wind plasma and energy transfer to the Earth’s magnetosphere, Eindhoven University of Technology.
Currently: Physicist at Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University.

Anissa Rebzani

Supervisor of MSc thesis Calibration of a Computer Simulation of the Earth's Radiation Belts (Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan, France, Sep 2016).

Christopher Haynes

Cllaborator of PhD project Simulations of Electron Kinetics in Solar Wind Turbulence, Queen Mary University of London
Currently: Data Analyst for Simspace Solutions

Martina Giraudo

Co-supervisor of MSc thesis Plasma-material interaction for magnetic fusion and space applications, Los Alamos National Lab
Currently: Project Engineer at Thalis Alenia Space